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6 Reason for choosing Hostway

There are important arguments when it comes to the choice of a provider and a suitable hosting solution. Discover your advantages with Hostway Deutschland.

Service is included

Hostway Deutschland runs its own high performance data center in Hannover.

  • Skilled and specialized employees working directly on-site at the data center premisses
  • 24/7 monitoring, service, troubleshooting, remote hands
  • 24/7 hotline for colocation customers


The location at the crossroads of the north-south and east-west axis of Germany, makes Hannover a crucial point on the German-wide backbone ring. Our data center is directly built on this ring, which supports multiple alternate routes for your data transfer.


Hostway Deutschland runs four data center facilities in Hannover – all of them autonomous

  • Redundant power supply
  • Interconnected
  • Integrated services of data center services, systems management or engineering services – only few data centers have this privilege: we can provide support on independent facilities that are all within a range of appr. 100 m.
  • Qualified staff on site with technical expertise – as opposed to unskilled personnel for access handling

Maximum Uptime

  • Hostway Deutschland guarantees a backbone availability of 99,99%.
  • Service agreements with several fallback upstream providers and the service of high-value, redundant network equipment ensure a stable, failsafe and performant network
  • Special security appliances and configurations offer you the possibility to create security and redundancy on a high level, even on the application level.
  • We individually develop and implement live fallback and master failover configurations such as load balancing clusters, as per customer needs.

Legal Capacity

Because of our proprietary colocation facilities and our memberships of RIPE, DENIC, CORE, and BCIX, we manage the infrastructure without intermediaries. We control our facilities and solutions, which gives us a significant degree of independence from third parties.


  • One of the oldest and most experienced businesses of this industry
  • A multitude of references from major industrial enterprises, publishers, internet service providers, e-Commerce and web agencies
  • Hostway Deutschland hosts more than 50.000 customer websites and online applications

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