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We take care of the technical administration, maintenance and support of your IT within our data center

Place your daily system administration of your hosted infrastructure into the hands of our specialists, so that your IT-employees can take care of your core business.


Our network administrators manage routers, switches, firewalls, routing tables, VPN and other network components for you. They can perform tests, installations, upgrades, maintenances, repairs and network optimizations.


The entire maintenance of the hardware, as well as the included replacement service, can be transferred to us too. We will take care of the replacement of hardware components and take over the entire coordination with the manufacturers.

Operating System

We offer complete support for several operating systems; Setup and maintenance of installed packages, security updates and patches as well as distribution upgrades are part of the service package.


Our experts will take care of the setup and the support of database solutions, such as MySQL replications, Master-Failover, Master-Master-Configurations, et cetera.


Every situation requires its own proper solution. Therefore, our backup experts will analyze the situation and suggest reasonable solutions. The following parameters are taken into consideration: Amount of data and data type, classification of data regarding importance, as well as relevant security and restore criteria.

Cycle and procedure

Near-term backups and restores can be conducted by using our internal security network. The adjustment of backup cycles and backup procedures is also possible.

Integrity Tests

Individual backup concepts are examined and monitored by our specialists, before these concepts are activated. In case of failure, a prompt reaction will follow: The necessary component replacement will be made and the inspection will be repeated.


Depending on the amount of data, the data type, the importance and the required access velocity in case of emergency, various storage media and concepts are used. We offer long-term archiving, remote backups, as well as scheduling and support for real-time backup concepts. We also draw from our various brand manufacturers and distributors with whom we have appropriate service level agreements for the support of hard- and software when it comes to the central administration of storage.

Data Restore

Our experts will support you in case of data loss and provide the necessary restore routines.


All of our critical routers and switches are tested and maintained frequently. To guarantee a proper condition of our Internet availability, the monitoring of our network backbone from various European locations is performed.

Data Center

We monitor all of the critical aggregates permanently: Air conditioning, uninterrupted power supply, diesel generator, as well as the physical facility, even in respect of burglary, fire and other risks. Automatic early warning systems and technologies guarantee a proactive monitoring to prevent dangers.

Applications and Databases

Management applications and databases are monitored with the help of special tools based on critical system parameters.

Processes and Services

The monitoring of processes and services, as well as specific infrastructure parameters of customer platforms can be carried over, according to the application profile. In addition to port monitoring, the monitoring of hardware components, the transgression of stimulus threshold of server resources, the monitoring of reference samples of text outputs from applications, as well as the parameters of load balancing are included.

External Monitoring

Hostway offers a secure and efficient external monitoring for separated customer infrastructures within and beyond of our data centers.

Hostway provides real-time reports of bandwidth usage through RTG or traffic volume reporting, listed according to IP addresses and ports in our Netmanager – Webtool.


To be able to optimize our server service, we have the possibility to create reports through CPU stati, along with memory and hard-disk usage.


We can detect security risks, inter alia, by using permanent server connections. We perform detailed evaluations and security generate reports for your systems.


Reliable and stable data backups are essential when it comes to a consistent and uninterrupted web presence. We perform continuous inspections and creation of reports for the backup usage, data transfer and other security parameters for a reliable monitoring.


Our customers can fall back on our multitude of web statistics that are based on the evaluation of web-log files. These tools are especially helpful for technical and marketing staff, responsible for website performance.


We prevent unauthorized access by using intruder alert systems, video surveillance and electronic access controls. Every access is registered, recorded and monitored by our personnel on site, 24/7. Only authorized customers are granted access.


Our efficient core routers and core switches (Juniper, Foundry, Cisco) are fully redundant and hence prevent “Single Points of Failure”. Our backbone is protected externally by our Intrusion Detection and Protection mechanisms and monitored 24/7 at various international locations.

Security Updates

Security updates and patches guarantee a maximum of safety for your systems.

Safety Inspections

The security of your systems can be inspected by specialists. We use professional security tools (e.g. vulnerability scans), that detect possible dangers and risks. We will counsel you about important steps for the disposal of detected risks, after our thorough evaluation.

One Stop Service

We support complex installations during all stages: Project management, purchase, installation and implementation, as well as tests, repairs and the ongoing support of projects.

Implementation Realization

We guarantee the observance of agreed implementation deadlines with according SLA’s, so that our partners can plan solidly. Our longstanding experience with more than 30.000 server implementations guarantee a project realization within the given time frame.

Performance and Capacity Analysis

Our longstanding experience of the support of complex systems allows us the system optimization after evaluating the concrete requirements.

Automatized processes of implementations

Automatized and efficient processes are used for every implementation to guarantee reliable system installations.

Monitoring Technologies

Our monitoring tools consist of a mixture of in-house developments, as well as third party products and their customization for our own purpose.

On Site Service Center

We maintain our own spare parts depot on the spot that include current hardware components to guarantee near-term installations, repairs and upgrades in case of an emergency.

Partnering with Suppliers

Hostway maintains close business relations and partnerships with important suppliers to guarantee a near-term service for all deployed systems.

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