by Michael Beer


Reliable network and security technologies.

The data center operation is focussed on IT-relevant aspects of security and services. Therefore, we are able to guarantee the latest technology of the infrastructure and the specialized personnel and can offer appropriate service levels.

  • multiple redundancy of our data centers
  • connected with the maximum amount of bandwidth with various high end carriers
  • the data centers in Hannover are located directly on the all-German 12-GBit/s backbone ring
  • several physically separated data centers
  • each data center is provided with their own redundant power supply
  • high available security concepts, with the involvement of separated fire compartments and infrastructure zones!

Colocation of single units or full 19” rack cabinets:

Services included:

  • 24/7 staff on site
  • 24/7 access to our data center
  • Remote Hands
  • Reboots and Monitoring around the clock
  • Due to our redundant power supply and network connections your systems are in good hands!


Grid Cages

Your racks can be saparated from others, by using grid cages. The Grid Cage is closed and also extends to the double floor. The cages can be obtained in various sizes.

Gitter Cages


You can get physically separated footprint which is connected to our redundant data center infra structure

Alternatively, we can offer you your own standalone and independently supplied data center segment. UPS and diesel emergency power systems (EPS, air conditioning, fire extinguishers) and IP networks can be provided independently from other segments.

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