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While you focus on your core competence

It is up to you, whether you would like to sell our services on your own account, or sell on commission. You can add value to our products and services or simply offer them to your customer base and participate on the recurring revenue, while we are at your service with information, advice, and support.

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You can get your own pool of server resources (vCPU, vRAM, vHDD) on our VMware® Cloud platform and freely allocate these on virtual machines according to your customers’ needs. You can use the vCloud Director®, a web interface for the creation, modification, and management of individual VM within your resource pool.

The individual pool resources can be used for administration of virtual servers, or for the administration of one or more linux or windows-based webhosting environments, which already include a comfortable web-based interface for the configuration and administration of the web accounts on the LiveConfig® Hosting Control Panel.

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Scalable, high availability Email-Services for Resellers


Through the clustering of multiple servers are we able to offer a fully redundant platform to host a secure and reliable enterprise level email service solution. One of the features available to our resellers is that you are able to manage this platform by applying your custom branding. This allows you to establish your own identity offering our email products as your own expanding your product range and reach. Our email cluster provides state of the art SPAM and Virus protection which will keep your customers inboxes free of unwanted emails which can otherwise lead ot harm. All email protocols are supported such as POP3 / IMAP and additionally also offer a smart webmail interface for ease of access.

  • ISP: Complete management of custom domains activated for the use of your email services.
  • Administrator: For each domain you will have access to an admin area where you can manage all email accounts, Aliases and much more.
  • User: Each user has the ability to further manage they’re email via the webmail interface to actiavet services such as auto responers and forward emails.


  • Professional SPAM Protection in real time
  • Greylisting: is a method of defending e-mail users against spam. A mail transfer agent (MTA) using greylisting will “temporarily reject” any email from a sender it does not recognize protecting against spam bots.
  • Blacklisting: we maintain lists of unwanted domains used for spamming and actively update these lists to incoporate any new malicious accounts.
  • Virus Scanning: all incoming and outgoing emails are scanned for viruses by the ClamAV virus scanner in real time.

Client-Capable Domain Robot


When you have to simultaneously manage and maintain large amounts of Domain Names a secure, reliable and robust system is essential. Manage and maintain your large network of Domain providers and TLD’s through an interface that can be custom branded to suit you needs. At Hostway you are able to operate as a large scale Domain Registraar making use of our completely automated S-DNS Domainrobot which manages over 200 TLD’s in ‘Real Time’.


Hostway is an accredited member of DENICICANNAfiliasNeulevelEURidNIC.ATSWITCHNominet and several other Domain Providers. When you choose to be a Hostway Domain Reseller you will not have to go through the lengthy and complicated accredidation process required when wanting to operate as a domain registraar. Instead you are able to operate as Domain Registraar through Hostway based on our already in place domain reseller platform and accredidation so you can get straight to work focusing on building your business. The platform allows you to apply your own branding and stand as its own entity as a Domain Reseller.

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Discover the functions of our Domain Robot:

Inteligent Management

  • Domain Updates and Contact Info managed for free and online
  • WHOIS Data online management of: Domain Owner, admin-c, billing-c, tech-c, Nameserver
  • Support by automatic transfer and modifications of larger Domain databases
  • Integrated Billing System for Main and Sub Users
  • Integrated DNS Management
  • Newly available TLD’s on the market can be integrated on the fly

Fully Automated Domain Processing

  • Innovative and easy to use web interface for managng your account and domains
  • Efficiency through use of Hostways Domain management DNS-Robot
  • Register Domains via Webfrontend, eMail-Gateway or API
  • Many Domain Management Tools available (Access-Konsole, Nameserver-Check etc.)
  • Online function to switch in between Providers (no confirmation by Fax needed)

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