by Michael Beer

S-DNS Robot

Client-Capable Domain Robot


When you have to simultaneously manage and maintain large amounts of Domain Names a secure, reliable and robust system is essential. Manage and maintain your large network of Domain providers and TLD’s through an interface that can be custom branded to suit you needs. At Hostway you are able to operate as a large scale Domain Registraar making use of our completely automated S-DNS Domainrobot which manages over 200 TLD’s in ‘Real Time’.


Hostway is an accredited member of DENICICANNAfiliasNeulevelEURidNIC.ATSWITCHNominet and several other Domain Providers. When you choose to be a Hostway Domain Reseller you will not have to go through the lengthy and complicated accredidation process required when wanting to operate as a domain registraar. Instead you are able to operate as Domain Registraar through Hostway based on our already in place domain reseller platform and accredidation so you can get straight to work focusing on building your business. The platform allows you to apply your own branding and stand as its own entity as a Domain Reseller.

S-DNS Robot Interface

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Discover the functions of our Domain Robot:

Inteligent Management

  • Domain Updates and Contact Info managed for free and online
  • WHOIS Data online management of: Domain Owner, admin-c, billing-c, tech-c, Nameserver
  • Support by automatic transfer and modifications of larger Domain databases
  • Integrated Billing System for Main and Sub Users
  • Integrated DNS Management
  • Newly available TLD’s on the market can be integrated on the fly

Fully Automated Domain Processing

  • Innovative and easy to use web interface for managng your account and domains
  • Efficiency through use of Hostways Domain management DNS-Robot
  • Register Domains via Webfrontend, eMail-Gateway or API
  • Many Domain Management Tools available (Access-Konsole, Nameserver-Check etc.)
  • Online function to switch in between Providers (no confirmation by Fax needed)