by Michael Beer


Benefit from our hostway enterprise platform modular features.

Cloud Storage – Fast and flexible at anytime
  • SAN/NAS-Storage according to your needs
  • Capacities via ISCSI or NFS, adjustable at anytime
  • Strict separation of customers to protect your data
  • Data Synchronisation in real-time on separate systems within our storage infrastructure

Our flexible and highly available central storage allows you the setup of a scalable environment, without cost-intensive investments.


Load Balancing – More speed and more resources
  • Reduced response time of your applications by distributing the requests on various systems
  • Improved availability for your services
  • Free up your systems from resource-intensive tasks, by terminating SSL connections on our load balancer

If you need more functionalities, such as Layer7 filters, you can integrate your dedicated load balancing solution, which will be fully monitored and administrated by our employees.


Content Caching – Reduce the load on your server

If you have a lot of static content for example product images on your online web store the web site can slow down as the traffic reaches peak times due to heavy load. To decrease load times of pages we have developed a Content Caching system so you can deliver your web content instantly even during peak times.

  • Data will be cached on a dedicated optimised cache server cluster
  • Web requests will filled directly by the optimized cache server cluster without adding load to the main web server

Because of this Content Caching system we can serve content up to 10 times more requests compared to a non-cached server content and speed up the web experience by your visitors dramatically.


Backup – Protect your data
  • Usage data is saved regularly, even full backups of entire virtual systems can be conducted
  • Simple backups e.g. by use of FTP over a managed backup service, right up to a disaster recovery solution
  • Full backups are stored in a separate fire security zone on our highly available backup infrastructure

Even in a fully redundant environment, such as our Hostway Enterprise Platform, backups are inevitable and essential for your operational management of continuity.


Content Delivery Network
  • Ideal when you have static content that needs to be accessed fast from multiple GEO locations worldwide

Our content delivery network boasts over 15 strategically placed locations around the globe that serve up your content dynamically to your visitors based on the visitors location. This way your content will have to travel the shortest distance to its destination reducing the load time and speeding up the load time of your content for your visitors drastically.


VPN – stay secure

Our VPN solution offers you the opportunity to realize encrypted connections, when accessing your systems. Whether you want to safeguard your management access of your servers or if you want to grant a multitude of employees access to your own systems internally, with Cloud VPN you will find a suitable solution.