by Achilleas

Load Balancing

Protect your online business with our customize-able load balancing solution.

If your website delivers company-critical data or if it generates revenue, long response times or hardware damages that can lead to outages are unacceptable.

If your web presence is located on a stand alone server system, a preliminary traffic increase or the outage of single hardware components can impact the response time or server reachability. Your online business will come to a halt.

Load balancing eliminates both problems, using multiple server systems for your data. A Single Point Of Failure, that could lead to an outage of your website, will therefore be avoided.

Load Balancing offers:

  • Failsafe performance that can not be accomplished by using a stand alone server system
  • Faster response times
  • Increased availability of critical applications
  • Guaranteed server uptime

Advantages of Load Balancing

Load balancing distributes the requests onto two or more dedicated systems and optimizes the usage of resources, and therefore also the response time.

  • Horizontal scaling through the use of load balancing over multiple servers is a reliable and affordable solution, much more affordable than a vertically scaled system using high performance components within a single system at much higher cost levels.

If any of your servers malfunctions at any time, the requests will be distributed onto the other servers, according to predefined criteria. Basically all requests are forwarded onto the server with the least load, to guarantee a consistent load distribution. A Keep Alive Check verifies the reachability of the system before the request is sent. Performance and failure safety is increased by a multiple.

  • Increased Redundancy

Exemplary Load Balancing Solution

Because of the employment e.g. of two load balancing appliances (Layer 4-7) acceleration, security and high availability are guaranteed.




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