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Intrusion Detection Service

Additional network security for your online presence.

A network attack can be an essential threat within the Internet. Firewalls and anti virus softwares can eradicate crucial threats, but are not able to exclude attacks regarding the internal network.

Protection by the usage of IDS/IPS measures of the backbone network infrastructure keeps away the majority of rough threats from your server. To be able to grant your dedicated net segment the highest of available security, we allocate customizable IDS- and other relevant security services.

Optional Security Services

1. Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Protection
  • Based on SNORT
  • Customized for the applied software and the environment of the customer systems
  • Automatized notifications in case of appearances of anomalies
  • Automatized activation of firewall rules, according to the customer’s needs
2. Security-Addons
  • Constant executions of all relevant configurations regarding the security
  • Execution of non destructive security scans according to the PCI guidelines
  • Active notifications of relevant updates, patches or security holes of the server systems

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