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Green Data Center

Exclusive Use of Renewable Energy Sources

The electricity for our service is generated from 100% renewable energy sources and is therefore 100% CO2 neutral. Our supplier’s generation of natural electricity is certified by Guarantees of Origin per §79 of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and attested by Invalidation Certificates from the German Federal Environment Agency’s Guarantees of Origin Register (HKNR).

Our colocation customers, who operate their proprietary installations in our data centers, can get their power from renewable energy sources in the same way through our energy supplier and offer their services in a CO2-neutral manner as well. The energy supplier’s attestation includes the customer’s company name, which serves as evidence for 100% green power usage for the operation of the server environment. Please contact our team if you wish to operate your racks with natural power only.

Energy-efficient Datacenter Operation

Power consumption in the data center is considerable due to the concentration of high computing power on a compact technical area and due to its extensive cooling need. The high scaling factor, therefore, means that minor improvements may already show a significant overall effect.

Efficient Cooling

• Cooling in summer and heating in winter: Free cooling makes it possible to bypass and save compressor operation when outside temperatures are low. In addition, our re-cooling system supports integration into the heat distribution system so that the chillers can also operate as a heat pump for the building heating system to heat the surrounding office space. 
• An intelligent central control system optimizes cooling unit operation. The individual heat exchangers are activated only if necessary. Efficiency criteria determine heat exchanger operation concerning the number of active units, activation sequence, and operating modes. 
• Double floor sealing and hot and cold aisle rack arrangement on the footprint area prevent the formation of “hot spots.” Thermal profiles provide the criteria for the positioning of the rack rows.

Server Technology and Virtualization

• We deploy virtualization technology for our systems. Physical server systems are consolidated to virtual machines for optimal use of server resources. This translates to the use of less hardware and lower power consumption for its operation.
• For our services, both for the network (routing and switching) and for server operation, we use only brand-name hardware from reputable manufacturers, known for reliable, high-performance products with a long operational life We deploy virtualization technology for our systems. Physical server systems are consolidated to virtual machines for optimal use of server resources. .

Need-based and Targeted Lighting Control

• Segmentation of the technical footprint lighting: Motion detectors activate the lighting according to need and data center access. The lights go out automatically when there are no people in the data center. Only those areas are illuminated that are required for the safety of the people inside.
• Energy-efficient LED lights are used. 

Datacenter Energy Management

• Our energy efficiency concept includes a continuous review and optimization of the energy factors in the data center to keep the PUE factor (“Power Usage Effectiveness”) sustainably low.
• Sustainability requires a continuous commitment and monitoring of active measures and technical equipment in light of the technological and operational developments. We practice this as an organic process.

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