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Firewalls from Palo Alto Networks®

Hostway Deutschland offers dedicated and virtual firewall appliances from the worldwide leader for cyber security

Trust the worldwide leader in cyber security. Prevent attacks with solutions from Palo Alto Networks, managed by Hostway Deutschland. Beyond port filtering, the solutions provide comprehensive protection and proactive thread prevention including those based on malware, spyware, and other hacking tools. Your data traffic is continuously analyzed and threats are identified and mitigated in real-time.


Hostway Deutschland can provide the use of and license for Palo Alto Network products, as well as full security management of your infrastructure. We provide conceptual design, initial configuration, continuous support and maintenance, as well as customization of the security solution to your specific needs.

VMware® and Palo Alto

The partnering of VMware® and Palo Alto Networks® ensures optimal protection for the VMware environment. Performance, protection, and automation are efficiently combined and integrated into your virtual environment. Dynamic application-, content-, and user-based security policies, multiple security policy rule sets within the environment, automatic deployment, provisioning and scaling of the security environment and independence of the security settings from the network topology are some of the available features of the virtualized Next-Generation Firewall Family.

Cloud Network Security von Palo Alto

Integrate Palo Alto Software Firewalls on your Platform:

  • Flexibles Sizing
  • A la Carte Security Services & Panorama
  • Einfache Skalierung der eingesetzten Ressourcen
  • Dynamische Integration zusätzlicher Security Services 

Contact us to find out more how to secure your VMware platform with Palo Alto Firewal features!

Palo Alto Services

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