by Michael Beer


Scalable. Flexible. Redundancy.

3x Cloud according to your needs. Our Hostway Enterprise Platform is available in three forms. These were developed to offer you a maximum of flexibility, scalability and individuality: Public. Private. Hybrid.

Public Cloud



Designed as a traditional Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution, our Public Cloud offers you various alternatives, such as virtualized servers, load balancing services or storage solutions in a highly available environment.

Our highly scalable infrastructure is available in several European data centers and is supervised by our specialized personnel around the clock.

The Public Cloud enables you to react to changing requests and unforeseen incidents. As with all of our developments, we place particular value on the security of our systems and therefore have implemented various mechanisms for the separation of our customers. A time-consuming evaluation of suitable hardware or high pre-investments within our infrastructure is avoided by using our Public Cloud solution. Thus we make it possible for you to focus on your core competencies.


As opposed to our public Cloud, individual services are deployed exclusively for you on a dedicated infrastructure that is physically separated from other customers. This dedicated environment will help you adhere to specific requirements, such as internal company guidelines, external security requirements or legal provisions, without abandoning the flexibility of our Hostway Enterprise Platform.

Our Private Cloud is designed individually, according to your needs and is supervised by our staff around the clock.

Private Cloud


Our Hostway Enterprise Platform was developed to guarantee to maximum flexibility, which enables you to combine all of the elements freely. If you decide to connect physical servers with a Private Cloud solution to temporarily increase performance or if you wish to connect your existing infrastructure with a virtual server of our Public Cloud: We will not set limits to your imagination.

Our Hybrid Cloud enables you to realize an environment, according to your visions and to use the advantages of various initial solutions for a structure that guarantees the optimal solution. We will gladly support you with your scheduling and realization of individual solutions, and we will, if requested, take care of the entire administration of all the components.

Hybrid Cloud