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Cyber Security Solutions

A network attack can pose an existential threat. Protect your network and your applications with intelligent security solutions

The protection of the Hostway backbone network structure by IDS / IPS measures keeps most of the major threats away from your systems. In order to provide your dedicated network segment with the highest level of individual security, we provide you with intelligent DDoS protection and other relevant security services.

Optional security solutions and add-ons

1. DDoS-Protection


Professional, broadband DDoS protection
Incident-based or continuous “always on” protection of your infrastructure
Web DDoS protection for your website
Defense against various volumetric attacks and protocol floods
Infrastructure protection combined with web DDoS protection enables the detection and defense of DDoS attacks in TLS-encrypted (HTTPS) traffic
“Scrubbing Centers” located around the world are used to eliminate harmful traffic and thus mitigate DDoS attacks
Protection methods used:

Arch filtering
IP reputation filtering
Protocol verification
Stateful TCP connection filtering
IP rate limiting
Statistical Application Protocol Filtering

2. Security-Addons


BOT management: take control of your BOT traffic and block unwanted BOTs from accessing your website
Secure DNS: protect your domain name servers from DDoS attacks and thereby enable reliable and fast domain resolution and service availability for your users
Web Application Firewall (WAF): Fully automatic protection (“zero touch”) of your application through the use of AI-based learning methods that analyze the data traffic and filter malicious code. The WAF is also available as a “stand-alone” solution without DDoS protection. Features of the WAF:

Mitigation of the OWASP TOP 10 (the 10 most critical security risks
for web applications of the OWASP project)
Customizable Ruleset (the rule set can be customized)
Blocking Mode (direct blocking of the suspicious request)
Reporting mode (suspicious request is reported)
URL Encryption (dynamically encrypted URLs prevent illegal requests or malicious user data from being sent to the application)
WebGUI: Graphical user interface for the administration of the WAF
The WAF itself is DDoS protected
Secure CDN: A secure content delivery network – DDoS protection is already included. Compliance with the EU GDPR is ensured through the use of data sovereignty and data protection rules

Contact us to determine and implement the appropriate security solution for your application.

Do you do e-commerce with credit card billing? In order to meet the guidelines of the Payment Card Industry (PCI), a suitable certification is necessary. We’d be happy to advise you.

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