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Why Cloud Hosting

“Cloud” stands for a dynamic IT concept tailored to your needs and flexible at the same time. This feature is one of the great strengths of “Cloud” or “Cloud Hosting”: While it can be customized to your requirements, it remains scalable and easily adjustable to changes. Cloud solutions make more efficient use of computing resources than physical servers; they also support a much simpler setup of redundancies for high availability. This advantage means a better uptime for your website or application.

vCloud Director to control your cloud resources:

Cloud Solutions

We provide the cloud resources and spare you from having to worry about hardware or infrastructure; no more time-consuming and costly hardware maintenances, monitoring of hardware health, ramping up additional gear. Our team manages the underlying infrastructure and is available 24/7.
Choose between various Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows.

Our professional enterprise platform offers the highest level of redundancy and failover capacities. The cloud platform consists of an extended cluster network of server nodes. In case of hardware failure, your VM is started in near real-time on another server node. The data is stored on a redundant and high-performance SSD storage cluster. Optionally, data center redundancy can be implemented for the server and storage nodes.


a flexible system, adjustable to changing requirements


systems can be interconnected within a secure and fast environment


fast implementation of change management


easy scalability of system resources


A robust IT environment that meets the highest security standards


better performance and higher availability


Designed as a classic Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, the public cloud offers you various alternatives such as virtualized servers, load balancing services, or storage solutions on a high-availability environment.

The public cloud allows you to react to changing requirements or even unforeseen circumstances quickly. We place particular emphasis on the security of the systems and have implemented reliable segregation mechanisms for the customer data.
Hardware sizing considerations and high investments into proprietary infrastructure become obsolete. You can benefit from the ready-made cloud solution and free up resources for your business.


As opposed to the public cloud, individual services are provided on a dedicated infrastructure operated exclusively for you. The solution is implemented on physical servers that only host your virtual environment.

A dedicated environment helps meet legal or corporate requirements, such as implementing internal policies, external security requirements, or legal standards, without sacrificing the flexibility the cloud offers.

We have designed our private cloud with your specific requirements in mind, and our team supports it around the clock.


Designed for maximum flexibility, the Hostway Enterprise Platform allows you to combine all elements freely. Whether you want to connect physical servers with a private cloud solution for better performance or add virtual servers from our public cloud to your existing infrastructure on demand;

There are no limits. The hybrid cloud allows you to realize an environment suitable to your individual needs while using the best of both worlds for your application or web solution.

We are happy to support you in the design and implementation of your solution and manage all of its components.

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