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Data loss can ruin a business. Backups prevent unnecessary risks.

External Backups: Using our secured network we can backup your data in a separate fire compartment with separate operative equipment. Additionally, depending on your specific requirements, we can offer alternative features such as continuous data protection with bare metal restore etc.

Hostway Deutschland Backup Features:

Managed Backup

Save time and money by using managed backup services from Hostway. Constant and automatic data backup on our external and central storage through our secured network protects you from human failure, hardware outages and other risks that could lead to data loss.

Technical Requirements

  • available for TruFlex Linux- and Windows servers, as well as colocation servers which have a second network interface card available
  • backup cycle, directories and media rotation that need to be secured can be set individually
  • e.g. daily incremental backups, weekly backup of the entire data, 30 days hold-back time

A storage of the following data types can be set up:

  • application data
  • content data
  • configuration data
  • user data
  • libraries and registry data


  • Our affordable managed backup starts at 39 € per month

Backup Server

Should you require a custom backup solution we are able to create a dedicated custom backup server system according to your needs.

Furthermore Hostway uses the RISoft system which offers Continous Data Protection (CDP) Backup System – available for Linux based Servers. RISoft is a solution that enables Harddrive based backup, Linux disaster recovery and a bare metal restore option for both Linux and Windows based systems.

Please contact Us to find out more about custom tailored backup strategies and pricing.

Backup Arrays

A reliable storage system is the key to perpetual success. A dedicated storage enables the backup of steadily increasing critical data.

Hostway offers a broad array of individually adjustable storage solutions according to your needs from entry level to enterprise quality. Within our highly secure data centers, your data is safe. We offer a reliable, highly available and completely scalable storage environment for your critical data.

Off Site Backup

Off-Site backup means the retaining of backup data in a distant data center. You can select managed backup with the possibility to choose additional locations for the storage of your backup data.

We offer worldwide data center locations for your backup. Please inquire about your possibilities on 4 continents.

In addition to all of the advantages of data protection, off-site backup covers the implications of a worst case data center outage scenario within the scope of a reliable disaster recovery plan.

Tape Backups

Hostway can offer you various tape drives, auto loaders, library units for divers media, such as DAT, DLT/SDLT or LTO. Tape backups are often used in racks to manage huge data amounts in a flexible and convenient way.

An extendable architecture allows an easy handling and shift of the security tapes. Of course, it is also possible to store the tapes within a separate fire prevention zone.

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