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The recent growth in “Cloud” computing is at the point of no return as we keep pushing our vital services into ever more highly available solutions, accessible from anywhere at any time. We offer not just a Hosting Solutions but a Partnership to support such a transition for your business with our expert team that can design and create the right cloud environment custom tailored to your specific needs.

Our Hostway Deutschland expert team being located directly on-site at our secure Hannover Data Center offices gives us the advantage of 24/7 hands-on management to all levels of infrastructure.


Innovative IT Solutions

Optimize your IT infrastructure and processes by outsourcing these services to a professional and secure environment. Our 24/7 staff on site guarantees faster response time than in-house operation at a much better performance level, due to the robust centralized infrastructure for bandwidth, power, and cooling. Furthermore, we offer solutions that guarantee flexibility, scalability, and high-availability for all your IT needs.

Colocation and Service

24/7 Customer Support in our data centers with a professional NOC on site. We support your infrastructure while you can focus on your core strengths. Our long-standing experience in the industry with IT outsourcing services for small, medium, and large business solutions in our secure data center environment guarantee improved performance with an optimized cost structure for your online presence and applications.

Domains in Realtime

As a domain name registrar that has direct partnerships with many international Top-Level-Domain providers are we able to provide you with a list of more than 200 Top Level Domain extensions from around the world. The management tool we offer you, the S-DNS Domainrobot was developed for ISP’s and Resellers as it enables you to manage domains via Web, Email, and Real-Time XML API communication.

Most of our current customers where referred to us by existing customers a testimony to our dedicated support team and technical know how.

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